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Constitution of Bakhtiari Association of Canada (Toronto)

1 - Name of Organization
The Bakhtiari Association of Canada (Toronto)
2 - Organization Goals
The Bakhtiari Association of Canada, has no political, religious or commercial affiliations and is not for profit. This association has made by cooperation of its members. The goal of this association is to introduce the rich cultural of Bakhtiari.
3 - Membership
Anyone who help to introduce of Bakhtiari culture is welcome to be member of association. Membership for Bakhtiari Association of Canada for one year is $10 CND. Membership for resident of Iran is free.
3.1 - Honorary membership: this membership will provide to person who did the most to the Bakhtiari culture during a year. This membership will approve by committee members.
4 - Members of Committee
4.1 - Members are up to 5 persons. (To run the association for the first year 5 people are voluntary elected. Election for the member of committee are held in Feb 2007)
4.2 - Committee members will be elected by members of the Bakhtiari association.
4.2.1 - To be one of the committee members you have to be a member of Bakhtiari association for one full year.
4.2.2 - To be eligible for voting you have to be member of Bakhtiari association for at least 4 month.
4.3 - Members of Committee must have Bakhtiari background.
4.4 - Members of Committee will be elected for two years.
4.5 - Members of Committee will be choosing:
       - Chair
       - Treasurer
       - Head of the Culture
       - Head of the Membership
       - Head of the Social Committee
the above five directors shall be elected among their members at the first meeting.
4.5.1 - Members who had less votes shall be substitute members, and shall be attend the meeting as consultants.
4.5.2 - In the absence of one of the main directors, his/her duties may be exercised by a substitute member with the highest voting among the substitute directors. If the main director(s) will resign or not attending three straight meeting, a substitute member with the highest voting will be replace with that main director(s).
4.6 - All decisions for changing of this constitution shall be approved by two third of the Bakhtiari association of Canada members.